De-Risked design


WP5 collects the models and results for WP1-WP4 into a de-risked load evaluation procedure for extreme wave impacts on offshore wind turbine foundations. This includes the statistical combination of short-term environmental parameters into the 50-year state and the application of fully nonlinear wave kinematics and load models for the detailed load computation.


Activities and results:

• White paper on the design chain from met-ocean data to design stress with      discussion of the uncertainty.
• Uncertainty reduction for the statistical combination of extreme wind, sea and      current data.
• Joint probability analysis methods that include structural response.
• A new load evaluation procedure based on fully nonlinear wave kinematics      and the validated load models and an n¬-dimensional joint probability model      of sea state parameters.

WP leader:

Hans Fabricius Hansen, DHI Group.


DHI Group, DONG and DTU Compute.

3 MARCH 2024