A test of material in water

Wave physics


The objective of WP2 is to obtain further insight into the physics relevant for the extreme loads on the wind turbine structures. This is achieved through physical model tests and numerical modelling. Mathematical uncertainty quantification is exploited within the wave models to enhance their applicability in stochastic design.

Activities and results

• Experiments with steep and breaking wave impacts on sloping bed with/without a current.
• Derivation of a slope reduction factor for extreme loads.
• Quantification of current effect on loads.
• Kinematics and corresponding forces for 2D and 3D waves.
• Mathematical uncertainty quantification for wave kinematics and loads.
• Numerical reproduction and extension of derived 3D and slope load effects.
• Numerical study of 3D wave formation and effects on crest height distribution and load distribution.

WP leader:

Henrik Bredmose, DTU Wind Energy.


DTU Wind Energy, DTU Mechanical Engineering, DTU Compute, DHI and University of Oxford.

    The three photos show test in water      



Henrik Bredmose
DTU Wind
+45 45 25 43 15

Did you know?

“Data from the previous “Wave Loads project” (DTU-DHI 2010-2013) are currently used in the OC5 project for validation of aero-hydro-elastic tools for loads on flexible monopiles”.

3 MARCH 2024