Validated load models


The objective of WP3 is to deliver accurate models for the detailed loads and pressure distribution over the substructure. The models are validated and efficient engineering models for design use are derived.

Activities and results:

• Validated force model for steep and highly nonlinear waves.
• Validated force model for breaking wave loads.
• DES strategy for monopile CFD with inclusion of structural boundary layer.
• Load computations for drag-dominated wave impacts.

WP leader:

Henrik Bredmose, DTU Wind Energy.


DTU Wind Energy, University of Oxford, University of Stavanger and Statkraft. 





Henrik Bredmose
DTU Wind
+45 45 25 43 15

Did you know?

“Data from the previous “Wave Loads project” (DTU-DHI 2010-2013) are currently used in the OC5 project for validation of aero-hydro-elastic tools for loads on flexible monopiles”.


And soon there will be a position as PhD student available on this Work package. Keep updated on this web site.
4 MARCH 2024