Response of wind turbine structures


WP4 examines the response of the full wind turbine structure subject to simultaneous wind and wave forcing. Hereby, increased insight into the critical load cases is achieved. Comparison of response to field data and laboratory data for jacket structures is made and used for model validation.

Activities and results:

• Identification of critical load cases for jacket response to extreme waves.
• Study of load effects from cyclic degradation of soil properties.
• Analysis of full scale data to identify the extent of ringing loads.
• Analysis and model formulation of current blockage effect for jacket structures.

WP leader:

Torben Juul Larsen, DTU Wind Energy.


DTU Wind Energy, University of Oxford, University of Stavanger and DONG.



Did you know?

DTU recently performed a test campaign for a floating wind turbine in wind and waves as part of the INNWIND.EU project.
3 MARCH 2024