Available positions within DeRisk

Thursday 30 Apr 15


Henrik Bredmose
DTU Wind
+45 45 25 43 15

DeRisk involves 4 PhD studies at DTU and post doctoral research positions at DTU and the international university partners. The positions are advertised at the websites of the respective institutions. Links to currently open positions are The four PhD positions are:

PhD A: Experimental methods for loads on offshore wind turbines with air-water interaction.
Main supervisor: Erik Damgaard Christensen, DTU Mechanical Engineering.
Co-supervised by DHI.

PhD B: "Stochastic Simulations for Uncertainty Quantification of Wave Loads".
Main supervisor Allan Engsig-Karup, DTU Compute. (Closing 1 May).

PhD C: Advanced CFD methods for breaking wave loads on wind turbine structures.
Main Supervisor: Henrik Bredmose, DTU Wind Energy.

PhD D: Structural response of wind turbines to ULS wave loads.
Main supervisor: Torben J. Larsen, DTU Wind Energy.

Post doc 1: Postdoc in "Extensions to a Fast Nonlinear Coastal Wave Evolution Tool".
PI: Harry B. Bingham, DTU Mechanical Engineering.(Closing 15 May)
Post doc 2: Large scale wave computations for load effects.
PI: Henrik Bredmose, DTU Wind Energy.

Post doc 3: "Analysis of kinematics and loads on wind turbine substructures".
PI: Henrik Bredmose, DTU Wind Energy.

Post doc 4: "Wave evolution and current-blockage theory for jacket structures to wave flows".
PI: Paul Taylor and Thomas Adcock, Oxford University

Post doc 5: "Load models for breaking wave impacts on jacket structures".
PI: Charlotte Obhrai and Ove Gudmestad, Stavanger University